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Kayak rental for the day La Ciotat
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The Kayak is the best way to discover the Green Island (Ile Verte), the Eagle Beak (Bec de l'Aigle) and the Mugel Creek (Calanque du Mugel), evolving over the water enjoying the unic point of view. A map and explainations will be provided in order to enjoy as much as possible depending on the weather. All year long it's a great experience and a sweet way to discover this part of the Calanques National Park. The price is for 3 hours renting when you want from 9:00 am untill 6:00 pm, just have to tell us at the reservation. It's an interesting tour that only a boat can provide you those points of view. The meeting point is at EXPENATURE : 168 Avenue Wilson 13600 La Ciotat on the new port just behing the Casino.

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